City of Seattle is Live with Two Releases of Revenue Premier

April 3, 2017. Pembroke, MA – Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI), a company that specializes in providing revenue and compliance management products and services to federal, state and municipal government revenue, labor and child support agencies, is pleased to announce that the City of Seattle went live with two releases of Revenue Premier® in March!

The first release, Audit Case Management and Workpapers functionality, provided the City with an end-to-end Tax Audit solution to centrally and electronically maintain audit cases, and to manage case flows, approvals, and audit workpapers to be used by City auditors across the major audited tax types. The implementation included requirements analysis, prototyping, design, product configuration, custom interfaces, and conversion processes. The Revenue Premier system was configured for the particular data elements, selection procedures, case workflows and other rules, and audit workpaper templates to reflect City policies and standards; and included required testing and rollout activities.

The Audit Management implementation established a baseline audit case configuration to be used with other local government projects.

The second release implemented Integrated Tax Processing functionality for the City’s Local Improvement District and Business Improvement Area fees (LID/BIA). Like the first release, it included requirements analysis, prototyping, designs, product configuration, custom interfaces, and conversion processes. This release configured the Revenue Premier system for administration of active LIDs, including general LID rule administration, managing property data, assessments, installment billing and ongoing account management.

These fee types are unique in that they leverage King County property tax data to establish the account liability. Furthermore, Revenue Premier integrates with the City’s cashiering and treasury systems, paving the way for future enhancements.

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