Dave Clark Promoted to COO, Will Continue Carrying Out CFO Duties 

Dave Clark, who has been Chief Financial Officer at RSI for almost a year, has now been promoted to Chief Operating Officer. He will continue to perform his duties as CFO alongside those of COO. He has broad experience as both CFO and COO in other companies, including SC3, where he was COO and CFO for four years, and Corbett Technology Solutions, Inc. (CTSI), where he was CFO for two years. He has an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University and a BS in Finance from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.   

"Clark's extensive experience gives me the reassurance that the COO and CFO positions are in more than safe hands and gives me reason to believe the future of RSI looks very bright indeed."

 “I am honored to support RSI in an expanded role with continued focus on collaborating with our customers and talented team.” said Clark, “As RSI continues its growth trajectory and invests in upgrading its technology platforms, I couldn’t be more enthusiastic for the future.”

This move is one of many promising leadership changes that include CTO John Skinner stepping up as CEO and Ms. Jean Orlando joining the team as President. All of these changes will guarantee that RSI continues to deliver the results their customers have come to expect after 25 years, as well as an influx of fresh ideas that come from new team members such as Ms. Orlando, or from seasoned team members in new positions, such as Mr. Skinner or Mr. Clark.   

Clark brings more than 20 years of experience in business management, operations, and strategy in multiple customer sets in the commercial and government contracting arena focusing on partnering with customer, continuous improvement, and organizational integrations. RSI is certainly privileged to have someone with his qualifications and experience in the role of COO. 

RSI Solutions was founded in 1996. Since then, it has been working with public agencies, providing solutions to improve citizen services. Some of RSI Solutions’ clients’ targets are increasing operational efficiency, collecting additional revenue, and maximizing compliance, among others. RSI Solutions has worked with hundreds of clients in the US and Canada, delivering transformative technology solutions. 

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