Revenue Premier, the first Integrated Tax System implementation in the Cloud

September 15, 2020. Pembroke, MA – RSI, a company that specializes in providing revenue and compliance management products and services to federal, state, and municipal government revenue, labor, and child support agencies, is pleased to announce the first Integrated Tax System implementation in the Cloud.

RSI’s Revenue Premier®, an off-the-shelf Integrated Tax System (ITS) solution was selected by the Comptroller of Maryland (COM) for their Compass tax system modernization project. Revenue Premier is being implemented in an Azure cloud-hosted environment provided and managed by RSI, and integrated with COM’s existing Teradata data warehouse.

For the Compass project, COM required a solution with all functionality to be managed by the Contractor. Equipment and systems, with the exception of image scanning and high-speed printing, were to be hosted at facilities provided and managed by the Contractor.

RSI is a member of the elite Microsoft One Commercial Partner (OCP) program, as their partner of choice for tax solutions to state and local governments. Therefore, RSI provides unique access and insight into Microsoft offerings for government and Azure cloud capabilities. Microsoft’s Azure is a flexible, secure cloud computing platform that protects data, meets security and compliance requirements and reduces management costs.

Revenue Premier hosted in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud offers COM assurances of world-class standards adherence to guidelines provided by IRS Publication 1075, FIPS 140-2, Section 508 and FedRAMP, among many others. The Azure platform provides COM with technological capacities above and beyond the services of non-cloud IT datacenters.

The first phase in the Azure-hosted, Revenue Premier solution to modernize and streamline COM’s new tax system went live, on schedule, this summer.  In accordance with RSI’s implementation methodology, the First Release established the project team and governance model; implemented the technical infrastructure; confirmed business requirements; designed common business processes; and configured, tested, converted, and implemented a fully functional Compass Solution.

RSI is implementing the Compass project in four phases. In the Azure cloud it will have access to scalable computing (cost-efficient), secure and reliable networking, elastic storage, global-scale databases, adaptive intelligent security, and unmatched monitoring and management.

All processing functionality will be encompassed and supported completely within Revenue Premier.

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