Revenue Solutions, Inc. Streamlines Baltimore County’s Workflow With its Leading-Edge Property Tax System

RSI’s powerful solution provides end-to-end support and tools to modernize tax roll processing, calculations, and billing in Baltimore County Government systems.

February 11, 2022. Pembroke, MA Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI), a leader in providing tax software and services that enable digital transformation for governments, announced today the signing of an agreement for Baltimore County Government (BCG) to implement RSI’s leading-edge property tax system that provides local governments timely tax roll processing, assessment calculations, and billing to owners 

Baltimore County, one of the 100 largest counties in the U.S. is the third largest county in Maryland by population, with 850,000 citizens, but the largest in real property with almost 368,000 real estate parcels. Implementing RSI’s property tax system will enable cross-government collaborations between the county and state, while providing taxpayers with user-friendly access to information.

“We’re excited that Baltimore County Government has chosen Revenue Solutions to help them modernize their tax processing and enhance their online taxpayer services and are happy to welcome another customer in Maryland.”

RSI will support Baltimore County Government to achieve its goals of higher operational efficiency, lower costs, and streamlined workflow by providing timely real and personal tax roll processing, assessment calculations, and notification billing to owners while continuing to provide operational support and maintenance. In addition, RSI’s property tax system and billing solution will support Baltimore County’s property owners with enhanced online services as its modern, interactive web portal provides citizens access to bills, application filing, payments, and more. 

Baltimore County joins the large and growing list of governments and public agencies that recognize RSI’s commitment to modernization: leading governments to the future through the delivery of transformative technologies. 

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