Rhode Island Integrated Tax System is Live with Over Fifty Taxes

March 21, 2017. Pembroke, MA – Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI), a company that specializes in providing revenue and compliance management products and services to federal, state and municipal government revenue, labor, and child support agencies, is pleased to announce that the Rhode Island Division of Taxation successfully went live with Release 3 of its Revenue Premier® implementation in November 2016.

This third Revenue Premier release, providing Taxation with a proven Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) Integrated Tax System from RSI, includes the retirement of the legacy mainframe system for over fifteen business taxes including Corporate, Sales, Meals & Beverage, Hotel, and Withholding, collections for business taxes, and field audit work papers capabilities.

“We’re delighted to announce that we are live with our new integrated tax system,” said Rhode Island Tax Administrator Neena Savage. “The STAARS system is up and running, on time and on budget. We are handling roughly 58 different tax types, everything from cigarettes, to alcohol, to sales tax, personal tax and corporate tax. All of those are now integrated in a single solution – previously each one was separate. It has been a great partnership with RSI.”

Revenue Premier Release 1 in July; 2014 supported Taxation taxpayer registration, return/payment processing, taxpayer accounting, revenue accounting, collections, audit, tax data warehousing, decision analytics, business intelligence, case/workflow management, correspondence management, and system administration for 36 Corporate and Excise tax types.

Shortly after in December 2014, Taxation added full processing, management, and reporting for the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) as part of Release 1.5.

Release 2 in October 2015 included Personal Income Tax (PIT) and Collections as well as many additional features such as lien and levy issuance, payment agreements, license blocks program with other agencies, auto amended return, integrated MeF processing, payment claiming, and recycling, lockbox payment processing, one-click billing, payment coupon processing, auto registration, internal and external offsets, refund fraud checks, partial refunds and many more.


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