Revenue Solutions, Inc. Announces its Integrated Tax System Agreement with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury

RSI’s powerful solution provides end-to-end support and tools to modernize revenue processing, accounting, and compliance in the New Jersey Department of the Treasury systems.

February 3, 2022. Pembroke, MA – Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI), a leader in providing tax software and services enabling digital transformation for governments, announced today the signing of an agreement for the New Jersey Department of the Treasury to implement RSI’s industry leading integrated tax system.

Implementing RSI’s modernized, integrated revenue system will enable cross-government collaborations across the state of New Jersey.  New Jersey is the first ranked state in population density, with over 9,200,000 citizens and the 11th largest state by population in the U.S. Furthermore, RSI will continue to provide daily operational support and maintenance to the department to ensure that the State of New Jersey is able to meet statutory obligations and serve citizens. 

RSI will support the state of New Jersey to achieve its goals of higher operational efficiency, lower costs, and streamlined workflow by providing a future-proof tax solution that improves citizen customer service. In addition, RSI’s integrated tax system’s flexible technology allows for seamless adaptability to rapidly changing technological environments and increasingly complex tax rules. 

The New Jersey Department of the Treasury joins the large and growing list of governments and public agencies that recognize RSI’s commitment to modernization: leading governments to the future through the delivery of transformative technologies.  

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