Why Every Government Should Be Migrating to a Cloud-Native Solution 

Governments at all levels, from federal to state and local, are shifting computing needs to a cloud infrastructure. During a time of accelerated digital transformation and rapid adoption of digital tools, governments are continuously working on developing their capabilities to meet citizens’ demands, seeking to deliver both agility and security. One of the technologies adopted by governments is “cloud computing” because of the great advantages expected out of the shift of institutions from traditional computing methods.  

Infrastructure makes a critical difference in realizing the full benefits of cloud computing. Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI™), a leader in providing software and services to modernize government, has recently launched their new product: revX™, the only cloud-native SaaS platform designed from the ground up for government revenue processing. This new solution allows customers to reap the benefits of drag and drop configurations, AI-powered analytics, and the power of the RSI™ business rule engine: logiX ™ 

Benefits of Cloud Services

Governments in the United States are seeking to deliver e-government services more effectively and efficiently, getting away from old-school systems and moving into the cloud. The transition can be challenging but with cloud technology, governments can now take advantage of the numerous benefits that cloud services as revX™ provide. 

Operational Efficiency

Cloud platforms give governments access to productivity tools that they can use to consolidate administrative and operational processes. With the technical transition from traditional IT to the cloud, IT staff will no longer have to install, configure, and test the operating system. By refocusing resources as well as operations and maintenance expenditure for data centers, governments are also able to shift their focus toward improving citizen-facing services.  

In addition, whether customers experience a natural disaster, power failure, or other unknown crisis, having their data stored in the cloud ensures it’s backed up and protected. Cloud computing enables agencies to own and maintain control of their own data, as it remains scalable and securely accessible for authorized users from anywhere that is internet-based.  

By introducing cloud computing, customers can access their data through the internet via any device at anytime from anywhere, thus eliminating the need to invest in huge infrastructure capabilities, purchasing hardware and software, building data centers, hiring experienced IT personnel, etc.  

revX™ removes the hassle and cost of maintaining systems, allowing governments to invest their time, money, and resources into fulfilling core business activities. Its business rules engine, logiX™, enables users to make tax changes without coding. 

Instead of writing code, compiling, and shipping, logiX™ allows agencies to use an editor to drag and drop files in order to build their own logic and run it. This way, governments can respond to policy, regulatory, and tax law changes quickly without the need of software developers.  


Traditionally, security concerns have been the leading obstacle for organizations considering cloud adoption. Cybersecurity, a key area of concern for government organizations, has made it so that agencies must meet a strict set of cloud computing regulations and security requirements. In response to demand, the security offered by cloud service providers is steadily outstripping on-premises solutions. As a Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) for the government, RSI enables unparalleled flexibility and breakthrough innovation with world-class security for US government agencies and their partners.  

The Microsoft Azure Government Cloud is a Department of Defense (DoD) Impact Level 5 secure cloud with the most Compliance Authorization Certifications of any Cloud Provider. revX™ is foundationally designed on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Publication 1075 security controls, which allows it to:   

Governments can now accelerate insight with real-time, automated data pattern identification and collaboration that lets them securely ingest and process all types of data, with a solution that is tightly audited for compliance with federal standards. On top of that, the security of cloud services is improved regularly, which in turn improves the security of the data that is running on the platform.   

Cost Efficiency

Cloud computing enables local governments to scale up and down in real-time, potentially resulting in significant cost savings. This way, governments pay for the capacity they need, when they need it. 

By migrating to the cloud, agencies and offices enable more agile systems, minimize development and administrative costs and can achieve time savings as well. Singapore’s Land Transport Authority, for example, reported 60% in cost savings when moving to cloud from an on-premise solution.  

When innovative technology that best suits the functionality within a service is available, it can quickly be deployed without impact to the surrounding ecosystem. RSI´s revX™ microservices architecture provides numerous benefits, including faster updates to applications and citizen-facing services, without costly downtime.  

Performance Improvement

In a cloud computing environment, software solutions, data storage, and computational capacity can be deployed faster. In comparison to traditional infrastructure, the deployment of information and communications technology resources is reduced from weeks to just minutes. Modern technologies are designed to support agility, security features, resilience, high performance and efficiency, while service providers regularly update their infrastructure with the latest, highest-performing computing, storage, and networking hardware.

Cloud computing also enables governments to respond in an agile manner to citizen requirements and allows public services to scale where required. For example, a tax department may implement a cloud-based solution that automatically scales to meet sudden spikes in demand to system requirements, thereby ensuring the department’s ability to respond to demand during peak periods, such as tax return deadlines. As technology support is scaled as required, using cloud computing allows governments to handle demand spikes without service interruptions.

Moving government systems into a cloud environment and integrating their full capabilities into new digital solutions can help future-proof public services. Cloud computing provides a smart mechanism for governments to implement their digital strategies to meet citizens’ increasing needs effectively and efficiently. This is possible thanks to a system that enables accessing governmental services anywhere, at any given time.

revX™, for instance, provides governments a user-friendly and flexible platform that can significantly improve the process of decision-making, as well as increase team productivity by more than 50% thanks to AI-powered analytics.

Local Governments Need to Be in the Cloud

Governments are responding to change by updating their e-government services, as they need modern solutions to meet today’s challenges. Rapid advancements in technology have created opportunities for governments to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing to reduce the costs of upgrading technologies, develop new and agile mechanisms for e-government, and improve recovery capabilities in times of crisis.  

During a time of accelerated digital transformation and rapid adoption of digital tools, governments are adjusting to the new normal that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought. Internet-savvy, digitally connected citizens demand the same level of service from public agencies as they do from companies, and governments need to implement cloud solutions that deliver both agility and security.   

RSI’s goal is to empower public agencies and offices with solutions that improve citizen services, increase operational efficiency, collect additional revenue, and maximize compliance. 

For over 25 years, RSI has delivered transformative technology solutions across hundreds of client projects throughout the United States and Canada. Their new product, revX™, aims to continue leading governments to innovate through the simplicity and security that only a cloud-native solution can provide. This complete solution gives governments the tools they need to quickly and efficiently migrate and manage workloads in the cloud.  

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